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Happy new year!

2018 was a very exciting year for all those that helped create and bring to life L200.

A new space is born, and it can become your space also!

In 2019, the daily L200-Ecke will continue from 17:30-19:30, except Sundays, including the Fenster Laden, which are now waiting for new ideas for local products by small shops or first timers, like the Atelier Pnoe.

Note though that L200 is open more often than this, sometimes with scheduled events, others just for co-working or social activities, like the L200 members' lunch every Wednesday at 13h00.

To make the L200-Ecke more lively, and the space open more often we need your help.

Feel free to host one of the upcoming L200-Ecke, and contribute to the shaping of the L200 identity. Notice also that all new members can use the L200 space to organize one event at no cost, at any available slot.

Starting from this month, the L200 schedule is publicly available here.

You can subscribe to our newsletter, through which we will inform you soon about how L200 is taking shape in 2019.

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Stay tuned!