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General Assembly 2020

Due to the Corona-crisis the GV 2020 was organized as a hybrid (digital and physical process), divided in three parts:

  • The GV2020 input documents and members’ “items for voting” in digital form
  • The vote pdf document and voting procedure
  • The long-term participatory process for the next steps for securing the operation of L200 in times of Corona.

You can read the Jahresbericht 2019, including a summary of the Financial report and outlook of 2020-2021, here: https://langstrasse200.ch/GV20/Jahresbericht19-EN.pdf

The minutes of the GV2020 are structured around the Voting card, including the results of the voting and comments on the different topics. See http://langstrasse200.ch/GV20/Protokoll20.pdf (english, p.3)

In addition, we are collecting 1min videos as short digital contributions to the GV. Watch them here: https://langstrasse200.ch/GV20/videos.html and feel free to contribute also your own!

The discussion continues ...