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Really, what is this?

After a long period of constraints because of the Corona crisis, L200 is undergoing a significant transformation towards a more sustainable and participatory model.

Many exciting cooperations are under way with the ETH Zurich's LUS Institute, the Stadtufer cooperative, the Zurich storytellers platform, the Encointer association, the Klimagenossenschaft, and more.

Additionally, an open platform is under construction for empowering L200 members to become hosts for improvised social interactions with low investment, the "Bring Your Own" or BYO concept.

And there is space for much more!

So, we have created a new flyer to distribute in the city, and through our members networks. It is available to download in german and in english, and more translations are under way.

Our social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube are being reactivated, and our Telegram discussion group will also soon.

Contact us on info@langstrasse200.ch if you want to participate in this important transition period, in which we will try to answer all together the initial question, which became our slogan, "What is this?".

See you at L200!