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Main idea

The L200 is run and supported by a small circle of users as Commons. The so-called Spaceholders commit themselves to the payment of a certain amount at the beginning of the year and thus provide a secure basis for the financing of the L200 for the whole year. In return, those who take on this burden receive special advantages when using the premises.

How to become a Spaceholder

Pay a contribution between CHF 1'200 and CHF 6'000 at the beginning of the year, depending on your capabilities and your expected needs from using the space.

By paying in advance, you help to ensure the operation of the room and also to increase the scope for its use, so that one day we won't become dependent on large payers, and keep the space open and diverse.

The number of spaceholders is limited. We are currently thinking of a maximum of 30 spaceholders.


  • Fixed price for the whole year, also in case of prices increase; free access to the room if it is not rented/used elsewhere
  • Participation in the Spaceholder Council on strategic issues
  • Spaceholders can transfer to another member of the L200 their privileges if they don't want to use them on their own.

Spaceholder Council Meetings

Spaceholders meet twice a year to review the L200's financial status and discuss key strategic issues.