jump start for Langstrasse 200

A new shop is to open at Langstrasse 200 in early May: a stage for neighbouring businesses, a meeting place for the neighbourhood and a place of the future for a new culture of neighbourly coexistence.

With these ambitious plans we were able to convince the city as landlady to award us the contract for the shop. If the lease is signed on 19 April, a deposit of 20,000 Sfr. is due. Therefore we ask today for donations and interest-free loans. Every centime counts.

Our first newsletter will be published in a few days. As soon as our space is opened, we will start organizing various events that invite you to participate and contribute.

With heart and soul and hope - the founding team of the trade association in 5i+

Donate online now:

Or - without transaction costs - with a deposit to our Postcheck account:
PC 61-250574-3
IBAN: CH34 0900 0000 6125 0574 3