L200 opens its doors everyday from 17:30 to 19:30 for offering information, receiving feedback, and providing a stage for its members.

It transforms its front area to a "corner", an "ecke", coloured every time with a different theme according to the needs and creativity of the organizer.

You are more than welcome to become part of L200 and organize something special for one of the coming L200-Corners!


We are waiting your ideas and contributions for hosting different L200-Ecke in 2019.

Until then be sure that someone will be everyday (except Sundays) at L200 from 17:30-19:30, at the (default) "Info-Ecke".

Pass by to learn what is going on and how L200 can become also your space!

Examples of L200-Corners

Fenster Laden

Especially for the Christmas period, the L200-Ecke opens from 16:00 everyday and includes a new concept, the Window-Shop (Fenster Laden):

The windows of L200 are transformed to small shops, which allows small business and individuals to become part of the city's Weignachts Markt, and sell their products with high visibility at a low cost.


Every 17th of the month is the montly meeting of NeNa1. There is dinner for everyone at 18h00 and afterwards discussion about living together.


At the anniversary of the fall the dictatorship in Greece, Nikos, Anastasia, and Panayotis offer a greek apero followed by the projection of a film.


One week before an important referendum in the city of Zurich, Nikos gives a short presentation about Stadionbrache, a self-organized urban garden that brings life to the city.


Panos and Ileana provide information about the concept of L200 and its current members. Will explain how L200 could become your own space as well.


AOZ offers every thursday a free german language course and also information on other options for more advanced learners, by AOZ

Contact us at if you want to organize one of the next L200-corners