-- Regular --

  • Monday-Saturday (17:30-19:30): L200-Corner
  • Every Wednesday at 13:00: L200 members lunch
  • Every Thursday (16:30-19:30): Free german courses by AOZ
  • Every month's 5th at 19:00: 5im5i monthly meeting
  • Every month's 17th at 19:00: NeNa1 monthly meeting

-- Coming soon --

Euforia workshop on "Radical Collaboration"

March 19, 2019
About Euforia
Event info and registration

Film Salon: Die Demokratie ist los!

March 22, 2019
84 mins | Documentary | Switzerland | Swiss german, high german, french (subtitles in high german)
About the film
Event info

Filmabend "Revolution Selfie: The Red Batallion" mit Regisseur

March 23, 2019
120 mins | Documentary | Philippines | English
Event info

Death Café Zürich

March 25, 2019
Event info

Filmabend mit Diskussion: "Zusammen haben wir eine Chance"

March 30, 2019
Event info

Are you interested to organize an event?

Pass by during the L-ecke to discuss how you can use L200 as if it was your space.

See the current L200 schedule

-- Past events --

Swiss Mechatronic Art Society GV + Open House

March 16, 2019
About SMAS
Event details

Chriegerin wird 2! Jubiläum

March 13, 2019
About Chriegerin
Facebook event

Linear Development: Open Paintlab & Performance

March 5, 2019
Project Design: Rachel Obranovich
Dance: Myriam Gurini
Flyer (pdf)

Book launch: "Vom Foto zum Kunstwerk" by Sonja Kägi

March 1, 2019
About the Book
Book launch Flyer 1 pdf
Book launch Flyer 2 pdf

Das Zollhaus wird farbenfroh

February 28, 2019

Foodsharing dinner

February 12, 2019
About Foodsharing
Facebook event

Handel im Wandel an der Langstrasse by 5im5i

January 21, 2019
More Info

Too Good to Go Apero

December 19, 2018
More Info
RTS News

How can digitalization mitigate current challenges of humanity?

Remote participation in ISOC-CH workshop in Geneva
December 12, 2018
More info

Entscheidungspraxis von Genossenschaften

Workshop by Einfachkomplex
December 4, 2018
More info
In the news

L200 Milestone party

General Assembly for the future of L200 and party
November 30, 2018
More info


eco freundliche Weihnachtsgeschenke and -deco
November 23, 2018
More info

Housing for Degrowth

Book presentation by authors and debate with Hans Widmer
November 15, 2018
More info

Zollhaus Infoveranstaltung

October 31, 2018
More info

STADT wozu?

October 28, 2018
Event poster
More info

Free german courses by AOZ

Octomber 25, 2018 (and every Thursday)
More info

Filme für die Erde @L200

September 29 - October 3, 2018

Openki mentor / organizer exchange

September 28, 2018
More info

MAZI4Women workshop

September 21, 2018
More info

Denknetz: 10 Jahre Nach der Finanzkrise

September 15, 2018
More info

5im5i monthly meeting

September 5, 2018 (and every 5th of the month)
More info

Roundtable with the Academy of Urbanism

August 27, 2018
More info

Foodwaste - Verantwortung essen?

August 23, 2018
More info

Zollhaus Infoveranstaltung

June 12, 2018
More info

International workshop on "Cooperative housing and beyond"

May 23-25, 2018
Event page

MAZI workshop on cooperative housing

netCommons workshop series "encounters in the hybrid city"