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Moments in dialogue (on display)

Matthias Haemmerly & Daniel Stössel

Andrea Pfalzgraf & Panayotis Antoniadis

Daniel Stössel & Panayotis Antoniadis

Daniel Stössel & Joana Folgado

Sabrina Inderbitzin & Matthias Haemmerly

Andrea Pfalzgraf & Sabrina Inderbitzin

Matthias Haemmerly & Denise Schneitter & Panayotis Antoniadis

Denise Schneitter & Sabrina Inderbitzin

Ileana Apostol &Jojo Kunz

How to participate
Anyone can participate in the exhibition by posting suggested photos to info@langstrasse200.ch. You can also pass by L200 with your photos already printed during its opening hours (Tuesday & Friday, 17:30-19:30) or special gatherings that will be organized along the way. You can stay updated at facebook.com/langstrasse200.

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