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L200 2025-2030: Get involved!

For six years the L200 has been a creative and social place in the heart of Zurich. Many great events and gatherings, many new ideas, projects and commitment have emanated from our location. To ensure the proper operation of L200, a great deal of voluntary work has been done in the background. Its diverse uses, and the increasing success of a growing L200 community have now reached such an extent that a new sustainability model is necessary to ensure its continued long-term operation. We are developing a plan as to how we can achieve such a step with a generous transition period, together with you and all those involved.

So, while the L200 community keeps growing, we are now at a moment in which the group of volunteers needs to be replaced, fully or partially, for carrying out the the main tasks required.

Here is the plan:

March-June 2024

Open call for new ideas for one of the three possible future scenarios:

  • organizing the voluntary work as structured today
  • improving the sustainability of the current model, including the possibility of payments for challenging tasks
  • proposing alternative models that do not depart significantly from the main idea

July-August 2024

Assessment of the proposed ideas by an evaluation committee, which will prioritize the candidate solutions according to two main criteria: viability and diversity.

September 2024

General Assembly to decide the model that will guide L200 to the 2030s.

October-February 2024

The new organizing team is offered a period of “interim use” to establish the new processes, while a light usage of the space is still happening, mostly by its spaceholders, until the end of February 2025.

What shall I do now?

Please send your questions and expression of interest for the coordination of activities at L200 as soon as possible, at info@langstrasse200.ch

The deadline for the submission of official applications, the exact application template, and evaluation committee will be announced soon.