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L200 in exceptional times

Since Tuesday March 17th, all activities at L200 have been suspended. Both the L200 specific (general meeting and L200 corner, our opening hours), as well as all events and meetings of the members.

The L200 will be closed at least until April 19th. All organizers can postpone their events to a later date at no additional cost.

At this exceptional situation, the most important is to take care of each other and be patient. Nachbarschaftshilfe has created a telegram group, https://t.me/NSH_K45 (see also https://www.hilf-jetzt.ch/); https://republik.ch offers a free daily newsletter on Covid-19; Grassrooted and FOIFI joined their forces for healthy food delivery https://grassrooted.ch/grundversorgig.

We are happy to stay available online and maybe this exceptional situation will lead to one or two virtual encounters? Maybe there are new ideas how social life can continue to go on even with distance. We have set up an online space where we can meet and exchange information virtually: https://meet.jit.si/l200.

Meet.jit.si is a reliable platform for video and telephone conferencing that requires no registration and is based on open source software. We can visit this digital L200 space by just clicking on the link https://meet.jit.si/l200 at any time.

To increase the probability to find also other people there, we set as "meeting point" the period 20:00-21:00.