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L200 Birthday Party on a Parking Lot

On ParkingDay the L200 took two parking spaces on Neugasse and celebrated its 2nd birthday. Together with: 5im5i, nethood, Transition Zurich, Quartierverein Industrie 5, foodsharing.network, Jamaican Flavour and the Vineria Centrale!

Window Exhibition on Neugasse: Facts about diversity in the L200 (Thanks, nethood!)

There was food that was saved in restaurants and stores and would otherwise have ended up in the garbage - what a waste!

A big thank you to the people at foodsharing who take care of this issue day in, day out, completely without money.

If you wanted to spend money, you might have got something from the surrounding restaurants, e.g. coffee at the Jamaican Flavour or - of course - wine from the Vineria Centrale.

There were many other Parking Day events, all around Switzerland: umverkehr.ch