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L200 Netroom

What is a Netroom?

We call Netroom a hybrid space equiped with good quality microphones, cameras, lights for studio quality participation in online meetings or live streaming of presentations, interviews, panels.

Why L200's Netroom?

L200 aims to enable the participation in online platforms and live streaming at a living and vibrant space in the middle of the city.

The high quality studio equipement available and associated experts make it possible for small groups to present themselves in the selected online spaces with perfect audio and video quality, while respecting corona measures.

These features contribute to a more human online experience, while at the same time supporting an open knowledge sharing process developed at L200 around the creation of affordable and accessible hybrid spaces.

Indeed, the L200 Netroom is being designed as a collective learning process in which people contribute different types of equipment and share their experiences around the organization of hybrid event at L200 and beyond.

How can I use L200's Netroom?

L200's Netroom is accessible to all L200 members for a fixed price of 150CHF / hour. For nonprofit organizations and individuals a solidarity price of the same amount for up to 4 hours is available upon request.

In addition, one can choose to hire professionals who are experienced in events organized at L200 (rates depend on the special needs of each events)*:

How does it look like?

At this stage the L200 netroom is used mostly for the news broadcast of the 7at7 series. Check here: https://7at7.digital

Here is a short recording from the May 2021 news programme with Panayotis Antoniadis:

And here is the July 7at7 news with Ileana Apostol:

A recent test comparing two types of microphones for a simple set-up of a two-people presentation with Panayotis Antoniadis and Ileana Apostol (with Thomas Isler on the camera and Fred Frohofer on the sound).

Thomas and Fred during the preparation of the above Netroom Test #1.

An earlier 4-person panel organized by NeNa1 (by Thomas Isler and Fred Frohofer):