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Newsletter of 2021-11-04

Title: L200 in transition

Dear members and friends of L200,

Good news: we can now say with confidence that L200 survived the Corona crisis!

Thus L200 needs more than ever your engagement and support to enter 2022 with enthusiasm, and become a key actor in the Kreis 5 for inclusion, diversity, creativity.

L200-Ecke is back, with your help

In November we reintroduce the “open doors” concept (the L200-Ecke, Mo-Fr between 17:30-19:00), this time more participatory and more diverse.

To those that commit to open the doors of L200 one day per month, we offer the possibility to promote at the same time their projects, initiatives, ideas, without extra cost, and beyond the standard opening hours.

The programme for November is already taking shape and the current expressions of interest and availability of L200 members is organized here: https://framadate.org/F1Vtw7VPKGTycSzJ

Please feel free to participate and check https://langstrasse200.ch/schedule for the detailed schedule.

What is actually happening at L200?

NeNa1, Transition Zurich with No Sweatshop, Internet Society Switzerland Chapter, AOZ, and the L200 cooking group are resuming their regular events. See https://langstrasse200.ch/events/

And new members like the Mayan Dreams Hammocks, El Comedor, Invite App, Pro Velo, WOP (aka Will öpper@Facebook), Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie Schweiz, and many more are bringing new energy to the place.

Coming soon:

Nov 7 - 19:00: The regular 7at7 event, https://7at7.digital, featuring a new booklet on Digitalization and Sustainability by WOZ.

Nov 8 - 18:30: Screening of the film “Donna Haraway: Story telling for Earthly Survival (Fabrizio Terranova, 2016)” in the context of their series “More than Human Cinema” by our new members Klearjos and Nitin.

Nov 9 - 19:00: Upcycling-Näherei by No Sweatshop and Transition Zürich. See https://nosweatshop.ch/

Nov 13 - 14:00: The Neustart Schweiz GV. See https://www.neustartschweiz.ch/

Nov 25 - 19:30: Forum 5im5i GV. See https://5im5i.ch/

Nov 26 - 18:00: The L200 GV! (more information to be shared soon with our members, and please don’t hesitate to become one :-)

For December a new concept for our Christmas market is being prepared by Atelier Pnoe, https://atelierpnoe.com/. Contact nikolis.arch@gmail.com if you would like to participate.

L200 as a hybrid space

Nethood has acquired our own server, by the name Lennon, which is physically located in L200, and is available to host local web sites at no cost, like https://masup.ch and https://openfutures.ch

In addition, L200 is conceived as a hybrid space offering professional infrastructure (cameras, microphones, lights) for hybrid events of different types. See https://langstrasse200.ch/netroom/

Contact us at info@langstrasse200.ch if you would like your web site to be hosted at L200 or you would like to organize a hybrid event.

Next steps for a healthy L200

L200 is a collective space run for over 3 years with 100% voluntary work and only with members' contributions, offering affordable rents for its usage. So far L200 has proven that this simple concept of treating a central space as a shared common infrastructure is viable. To take advantage of L200’s full potential and guarantee its long term sustainability, however, we need more participation, a topic we will discuss in the upcoming GV on November 26.

See you at L200!

Verein L200

P.S. Just some of the (varied) activities that have taken place at L200 since our last newsletter.

Mayan Dreams hammocks pop-up shop at L200 in June 2021. You can also order online at https://mayan-dreams.ch/.

The exhibition E1SE1S shows paintings by the blind artist Silja Korn, http://www.siljakorn.de/

The L200 cooking group organised by Jens (Flexibles) has resumed, but without a fixed day and time. See https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/Zmittagstisch_L200

At the L200 you can get all the maps of (sustainable) possibilities from Transition Zurich, including the recently updated map for District 5: https://www.transition-zuerich.ch/dein-quartier

Julio, the friendly salesman from the coop across the street, used the L200 as a studio for his new video clip. "I'm going to be famous one day!" he said.

An interview with the L200 server, Lennon, in connection with the 7at7 event in June. See https://7at7.digital