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Newsletter of 2023-11-18

Dear L200 members and friends,

Thanks to our 150 members, 25 Spaceholders, and more than 1000 guests, L200 has been thriving in 2023.

We celebrate that with an open party on Sunday, December 10th (11:00-19:00++). There will be food, a stage for sharing experiences, and other improvised activities. Feel free to propose something.

Spaceholders are supporting L200, by paying in advance for their expected usage for the whole year (min. 600 CHF), and get reimbursed at the end of the year, if the actual usage is smaller and there has been enough activity to cover the L200 rent.

As a reward for taking this small risk, they have priority for reserving the space, and free access on a short notice.

If you want to become a Spaceholder in 2024, for the period March 2024-February 2025, please contact us at info@langstrasse200.ch.

There are 38 new members that joined L200 in 2023 and this is the first time they receive a newsletter.

We welcome you and inform you that you may use L200 as your own space. Try it out!

Here is a list of upcoming public events that close one of the busiest months in the last years at L200:

  • 18.11 Antithesis (17 November 50th anniversary + live greek music)
  • 19.11 Philipp Klaus Instant Violin Concert
  • 21.11 ETH Landscape talks
  • 22.11 2402 forum film screening “This rain will never stop”
  • 23.11 AOZ free german course + info
  • 23.11 Zurich storytellers
  • 27.11 ETHZ + UpZ "Who cares?"
  • 28.11 Amanda Michalopoulou book presentation “Why I killed my best friend”
  • 30.11-3.12 Porny days film festival lounge

For more details you can check our calendar: https://langstrasse200.ch/calendar/ (instagram @langstrasse200)

See you at L200!


Spaceholders 2023:

  • 2402 forum

  • AOZ

  • Atelier Pnoe

  • Creagiovane


  • Encointer (LEU)

  • ETH Zurich Landscape and Urban Studies Institute

  • Flexibles

  • Holensteinundholenstein

  • ISOC Switzerland Chapter

  • Kollektiv Kollektiv

  • Kostas Tzouflas

  • Laboratorium Kla

  • Mayan Dreams

  • NeNa1

  • NetHood

  • Neustart Schweiz

  • Rainbow Affair

  • Rao Gmbh

  • Res Keller

  • SP5

  • Stadtufer

  • Terrasse Ensemble

  • Transition Zürich

  • Vera Pilloni

  • Zurich Storytellers

and some more