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Main idea

The L200 is run with 100% voluntary work and its very low space rental fees are meant to just cover the expensive rent.

To be able to guarantee the smooth operation of the space during the year, the role of a Spaceholder is introduced.

Spaceholders commit themselves to the payment of a certain amount at the beginning of the year, as a deposit for their envisioned usage or as a donation. The deposit could range between 600CHF and 4800CHF.

L200 continues to operate as long as the sum of the Spaceholder deposits, is enough to pay the yearly rent.

Spaceholders consume their credit to use the space simplifying significantly the accounting effort.

If at the end of the year a positive credit has remained it can be refunded, or transfered to the next year.


  • Space guaranteed for the envisioned activities (option for a second provisory reservation for important events)
  • Free access to the room if it is available (without reservation)
  • Participation in the Spaceholder Council on strategic issues
  • Possibility to transfer to another L200 member the Spaceholder credit.

Moreover, if not already included in the usage contract (e.g., co-working), a key is provided if a certain level of support to run the space is offered (presence, event hosting, new members introduction, board member, social media, promotion, etc.)